1. A quick #photo of the #lipsticks and #blushes from the @etudehousesingapore #disney #princesses collection! The lip products are the #belle purple rose lips #lipstick and the #snowwhite apple red lips lipstick. The #blush is the belle rose cheek #blusher, which comes in two shades, a #pink and a #coral-#peach shade. The Disney Princesses collection is exclusive to #etudehouse flagship store at #wismaatria, so if you want to see the entire collection, pay the store a visit (you’ll also get to see how gorgeous the store is and buy some store-exclusive sets). The #charmbracelet here is also something you can get only from the #etudehousesg flagship store, every $20 (from now to 31 Oct, after that it’s $30) spent gives you a free pink token that you can use on the vending machines in-store (yes there are vending machines in there) to get either an empty #bracelet, or one of several bracelet charms. Hope to review this collection soon, but in the meantime, you can check it out in store directly :)

  2. Still wishing I was on #holiday! Unfortunately I’m not so it’s back to business as usual, but it was fun! Tried out this #blush and #highlighter combo: @benefitcosmeticssg #majorette #creamblush and @etudehousesingapore face designing #brightener in wannabe face, and it’s not a bad combo! A sheer wash of #coral #blusher and some shimmer!

  3. Was tagged by the lovely ladies @beautybucketeer and @makeup.withmeee to share 5 #makeup and #beauty #products I can’t do without!
    ❶ My favourite #loosepowder mix - which is a mix of @makeupforeversg HD #Powder and #ponds magic powder (this counts as one, right? :p )
    ❷ A good #powderbrush! Because one of my everyday staples is my mix of face powder above, a good powder #brush really makes or breaks the application for me. I know different people like different brushes, but for loose powder I like mine large, fluffy, soft and made of natural bristles. I have a few favourites but one of my recent ones is this @sigmabeauty F30 Large Powder Brush
    ❸ #Blush! You guys probably already know I’m a #blusher fanatic! I can never pick a favourite, but right now one I’m really liking is @benefitcosmeticssg Hervana
    ❹ #highlighter! Again you guys know this is my second soft spot, makeup-wise. There are so many good ones, so I’m including @thebalm_cosmetics Mary Loumanizer as a representative
    ❺ Last but not least, #taupe #eyeshadow! I’m a big collector of taupe #eyeshadows and I love them all like my babies, so I can’t pick one! But one I particularly like when I’m rushing and don’t want to trouble myself too much with application is @stilacosmetics Cloud.
    And bonus can’t-do-without item (okay I really had trouble narrowing down to 5) - some type of #lipgloss or #liptint! I’m really liking brighter colours lately so my @etudehousesingapore Dear Darling Tint is getting lots of love lately :)

  4. A closer look at the gorgeous @benefitcosmeticssg #majorette cream to powder #blush! I’ve been wearing this #blusher and like it so far, and I will settle down to write a review when I have the time! It’s been crazy at work these few weeks - I’m only just leaving the office now and it’s almost 10pm! Such is life I guess!

  5. Today’s #throwbackthursday #photo (aka show-you-how-much-of-a-#makeup-hoarder-I-am-by-showing-you-ancient-stuff-in-my-stash-day) features some really vintage @stilacosmetics! #stila was one of the very first brands I got into when I first started being a #beautyjunkie, even before I was a blogger. I just loved the cute illustrations and #flowers in their packaging! These are the Jade Blossom #fragrance (I think this #perfume was launched in 2002 but is now discontinued? I did not buy it in 2002 though!), the limited edition Creme Bouquet #Trio, which is a little #palette with 2 eyeshadows and a #blush (you can only see the #blusher in here because the eyeshadows are all used up and gross-looking lol) and the Holiday 2006 Night Flower palette in Rouge Orchid (yes that is from 2006 - don’t judge me! I keep it around because the packaging is so pretty - the palette itself is empty and now holds other eyeshadows etc). The Jade Blossom and Creme Bouquet #scent and trio actually have real dried pressed flowers on the packaging (so yes those flowers are real and stuck onto the bottle) - the little details really stood out for me back then! #clozette #beauty

  6. Tagged by @paradeoflove to show you my hot weather #makeup and #beauty #musthaves. So here we go!
    ❶ #oilcontrol #products are a must for me in hotter weather - this is the ONE thing I always need to have. I love @makeupforeversg #hdpowder (which all of you already know), and like both the pressed and loose #powder versions. You see this often in my MOTDs too!
    ❷ #longlasting #eyeliner: the first thing to slide on me, makeup-wise is always eyeliner. One of the most waterproof and sweat prof liners I’ve tried is again from #mufe - their Aqua Liner is really quite good
    ❸ #liptint - I know all of you have seen me Instagram the @etudehousesingapore liptint so many times you want to smack me, so in addition to the #etudehouse one, here’s a #peripera one too! I’ve found #liptints and #lipstains to be of varying quality - some have better lasting power than others, but the good ones should last for a decent amount of time once set
    ❹ #coral #blush: ok, so #blusher is more of a colour preference than a hot weather must-have, but I find I tend to reach for my corals and warmer shades when the weather is hot. I like @benefitcosmeticssg Coralista, and Bella Bamba is also something I can wear that is pink with warmth. And of course #mufesg’s HD #creamblush in 410 which is a bright coral.
    ❺ #bright #lipcolor: the coral preference also extends to my lips, but I do wear other bright shades on lips too - I always feel like brighter shades suit warmer weather. Most of the liptints I have are pretty bright (most Korean brands have bright lipcolors) but additionally my favourite coral of the summer is @clinique_us Chubby Stick in Hefty Hibiscus. It’s bright but I do get compliments wearing it! #clozette

  7. #Pink #makeup and #beauty #products because on Wednesdays we wear pink!
    ➊ @etudehousesingapore Magic #AnyCushion
    ➋ @etudeglobal Color Pop #Liptint (I keep Instagramming this, I know)
    ➌ @lorealparissg #HydraFresh Supreme #Emulsion, a light #moisturizer good for summer
    ➍ @beccacosmetics Loose #Shimmer #Powder in Gypsy - love this over #blush!
    ➎ #Quocosmetics #blusher in Pink Cloud
    ➏ #Lovemore #Collagen Firming #EyeMask - not a big fan of topical collagen products (as you may have read on my blog), but this has other nice ingredients inside
    ➐ And finally, this #PanasonicSG Heated #Eyelashcurler - I got this #curler to try out and review for #omysba2014, but to be honest I’ve been too chicken to use it yet! I’m too scared that I’ll burn off my lashes or burn my eyelid, lol! Wish me good luck! #clozette

  8. I actually hit #pan for the first time ever on a #blush! This is none other than @stilacosmetics old classic #blusher in the shade Bud, a really nice neutral and pretty light #pink. OMG! :) #clozette

  9. Tagged by @paradeoflove to show you one soft spot in my #makeup #stash! I’m sure some of you already know this, but it’s none other than #blush! These are almost all of my #blushers except for a couple of stragglers that COULDN’T FIT (no, seriously), so it took me awhile to get this photo! So, meet my blush family:
    ① @etudehousesingapore: I have their Minnie #blusher and it is so pretty!
    ② @wetnwildbeauty - love their #powderblushes!
    ③ #RockandRepublic: now DC, RIP R&R. I have another one that couldn’t fit into the picture.
    ④ @stilacosmetics classic #blushes, I wish they still made these!
    ⑤ @sleekmakeup #powderblush: I have 5 of these!
    ⑥ @dior: Another DC’ed one!
    ⑦ @beccacosmetics: I only have their #creamblushes, want to try their powder ones!
    ⑧ #FlirtCosmetics Urge #blusher: supposedly a dupe for NARS Sin!
    ⑨ @lancomesg Blush Subtil
    ⑩ #Chanel Joues Contrast: I have only 2 because they’re $$$, but these have lovely formulas!
    ⑪ @benefitcosmeticssg: I have 4 of these, and each is pretty in its own way!
    ⑫ @maccosmetics: I have 3 of these including one MSF blush
    ⑬ @illamasqua: Super pigmented, needs a skunk brush to apply! I have 2 of these.
    ⑭ @bobbibrown: I have 4 Pot Rouge #creamblush and 1 powder blush.
    ⑮ @cargocosmetics: I have 4 #powderblushers, 2 of which are DC’ed shades.
    ⑯ @lauramerciersg: I have 2 powder blushes, these are great quality..
    ⑰ @NYXcosmetics: cheap and good! Yay!
    ⑱ @bourjoisparis: I have 3 of their iconic their little round blush
    ⑲ @quocosmetics: this is a Canadian (I think?) brand, that I got in a swap.
    And that’s it! Whew! #clozette

  10. My favourite #colour tag by @paradeoflove! Like her, #purple is my favourite colour. Turns out I have more purple #beauty #products than I thought! A quick rundown by categories (no lip products because I forgot to include them, gah!):

    Eye #makeup:
    ➊ @benefitcosmeticssg Eyeshadow in Raincheck?, Pause for Applause, Gimme Some Plum, Gossip, and the World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever
    ➋ @maccosmetics 6 Gem Eyes Palette (includes Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked and Parfait Armour), and Flirty Number
    ➌ @ultabeauty Elegance
    ➍ @narsissist Tokyo
    ➎ @bobbibrown After Hours
    ➏ @makeupforeversg #eyeliner in 11L
    ➐ @urbandecaycosmetics Rockstar eyeliner
    ➑ @stilacosmetics Cool #Eyeshadow trio, Rain and Grace
    ➒ @Lorealparissg HIP Duo in Electrified
    ➓ @Mememecosmetics Eyeshadow in Cafe

    ➊ @illamasqua Kiss
    ➋ @beccacosmetics Wild Orchid Creme Blush and Gypsy Loose Shimmer Powder
    ➌ @etudehousesg Minnie Touch #Blusher
    ➍ @benefitcosmetics Hervana
    ➎ @Smashboxcosmetics Softlights #highlighters in Tokidoki and Aglow
    ➏ #flirtcosmetics Urge

    ➊ @Chinaglazeofficial LOL
    ➋ #Illamasqua Baptiste, Jo’mina, and Poke
    ➌ @cirquecolors Vaudeville
    ➍ @Sallyhansensg Purple Pizzazz and Mystic Lilac
    ➎ @modelsownofficial Boogie Nights
    ➏ @bynubar Treasure and Prevail
    ➐ @zoyanailpolish Adina and Yasmeen
    ➑ @pscosmetics Atomic Brain
    ➒ @essiepolish Nice is Nice
    ➓ #Nfuoh polish no. 68 

    And that’s it for #myfavouritecolour! Whew! #clozette