1. A closer look at the gorgeous @benefitcosmeticssg #majorette cream to powder #blush! I’ve been wearing this #blusher and like it so far, and I will settle down to write a review when I have the time! It’s been crazy at work these few weeks - I’m only just leaving the office now and it’s almost 10pm! Such is life I guess!

  2. What’s going to be up on my blog next! My review of the @etudehousesingapore Wonder #Pore Freshner #skincare (which is already up literally minutes ago!), a review of @benefitcosmeticssg #Majorette #blush, a review of @kiehlssg Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing #Serum #Concentrate, and my little #haul from @etudeglobal! This will be up over the next couple of weeks or so - haven’t had as much time to blog lately just because work has been busy!

  3. Finally got a decent shot of @benefitcosmeticssg #Bathina #bodymist and #Majorette cream-to-powder #blush! @benefitcosmeticsuk tends to have really good #makeup and #beauty #products, so I can’t wait to review these! #clozette

  4. Quick and dirty shot of the new @benefitcosmeticssg products! There’s @benefitcosmeticsuk #Bathina #bodymist, which smells really clean and feminine (both me and my mum love the scent so you know it’s going to be universal), and then there’s #Majorette which is a #blush! It looks like a #creamblush in the pan but apparently applies as a cream-to-powder blush! Haven’t been able to get a good photo of these yet because it seems I’ve been at work during all the daylight hours this week, but some decent shots and a review will come soon! #clozette #beauty #makeup #bodycare

  5. Today’s #throwbackthursday #photo (aka show-you-how-much-of-a-#makeup-hoarder-I-am-by-showing-you-ancient-stuff-in-my-stash-day) features some really vintage @stilacosmetics! #stila was one of the very first brands I got into when I first started being a #beautyjunkie, even before I was a blogger. I just loved the cute illustrations and #flowers in their packaging! These are the Jade Blossom #fragrance (I think this #perfume was launched in 2002 but is now discontinued? I did not buy it in 2002 though!), the limited edition Creme Bouquet #Trio, which is a little #palette with 2 eyeshadows and a #blush (you can only see the #blusher in here because the eyeshadows are all used up and gross-looking lol) and the Holiday 2006 Night Flower palette in Rouge Orchid (yes that is from 2006 - don’t judge me! I keep it around because the packaging is so pretty - the palette itself is empty and now holds other eyeshadows etc). The Jade Blossom and Creme Bouquet #scent and trio actually have real dried pressed flowers on the packaging (so yes those flowers are real and stuck onto the bottle) - the little details really stood out for me back then! #clozette #beauty

  6. #throwbackthursday is here again! And as is my usual #makeuphoarder style, let me show you some of my #makeup I’ve been hoarding! Today’s #tbt is my collection of @bobbibrown #PotRouge, which are one of my favourite cream blushes of all time - I daresay even in my top 3, because they have such gorgeous colours! I have 4 shades: Blushed Rose (a bestselling colour and permanent thankfully!), Summer Pink (my favourite but it was LE), Powder Pink (also perm) and Flushed Pink (also LE). The texture of these #creamblushes is a bit harder and more solid (like #lipstick, which you can use it as), and it doesn’t have the silicone-y feel that so many other #creamblush formulas have today. The packaging of the #blush has changed - now these are in little square flip top pans instead of the much larger tub of product seen here, so this post is in true #throwback fashion! I don’t mind when companies change packaging, but it does make me a bit sad when the packaging change means we end up getting less product (ahem MAC pigments, I’m looking at you!), but such is life, I guess! #clozette #makeup #beauty

  7. Today’s #makeupmess from my #motd! This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to using 5 or less #makeup #products, lol - well it’s 6 so it’s not too bad, right? My favourite #ponds and @makeupforeversg #powder is the base as always, #blush is the #mufesg #creamblush in 210 Cool Pink, eyes are @benefitcosmeticssg Tattletale Creaseless #CreamEyeshadow (which I’m really liking as an #eyeshadow base but also on its own) and #mufe #eyeliner in (I think) 21L? Lips are a long discontinued @covergirl #lipstick I really loved, the TruShine in Blushberry Shine (this is one of my 4 backups!). #beauty #clozette

  8. Tagged by @paradeoflove to show my #tbt #makeup and #beauty products for #throwbackthursday! I’ve been a beauty blogger for nearly 5 years, and a beauty junkie for even longer, so I’ve many things that could qualify for a #throwback post, but I decide to just focus on two main areas: discontinued items, and items that are still around but have undergone a change in packaging! Here goes!

    ① #Rockandrepublic #blushes - shown are Spank and Seduce
    ② @freshbeauty A Kiss is Just a Kiss #palette
    ③ @maccosmetics 6 Gem Eyes #eyeshadow palette, as well as some LE #eyeshadows and #blushes: Flirty Number, Femme Fi, Superdupernatural, Flirt and Tease
    ④ @dior Dior #Blush in 839 Vintage Pink
    ⑤ #chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petal and Orchid
    ⑥ @bobbibrown #potrouge in Summer Pink and Flushed Pink
    ⑦ @sleekmakeup Fenberry #powderblush
    ⑧ @makeupforeversg LE eyehadow #palettes: I have 4, shown here are the Midnight Glow and Arty Blossom palettes
    ⑨ @smashboxcosmetics eyeshadow trio in Front Row, and Softlights #highlighters in Aglow, Dolce Vita and Matrix
    ⑩ @stilacosmetics Seasonal eyeshadow trio and Perfectly Sage Palette from Fall 2005
    ⑪ @cargocosmetics #blush in Lyon and Polynesia
    ⑫ @milanicosmetics eyeshadows in Java Bean and Snow Frost
    ⑬ @jemkidd Strike A Pose Palette - sadly this line folded in 2012

    ① #stila eyeshadow pans - shown here are a few current shades (Chinois, Cloud, Espresso, Rain, Starlight, Slate, etc.).
    ② @wetnwildbeauty blushes and eyeshadows - the blushes are still available in current shades (Mellow Wine, Heather Pink, Berry Shimmer), not sure about the eyeshadows (Cream)
    ③ @makeupforeverofficial HD #Powder - this is the old packaging.
    ④ #bobbibrown powder blush and pot rouge - current shades are Apricot, Powder Pink, and Blushed Rose. Screw tops were changed into fliptop pans.
    ⑤ @urbandecaycosmetics eyeshadows - YDK, Chains, and Twice Baked. The packaging has been tweaked.
    ⑥ #smashboxcosmetics eyeshadows - Shutterspeed, the screw tops are now flip tops.
    ⑦ @benefitcosmeticssg cream and powder eyeshadows - the shades have different names, but you can find similar ones in the current line. #clozette

  9. Today’s #motd:
    ➊ My usual base of @makeupforeversg #HD #Powder (best #loosepowder ever for oil control) mixed with #Ponds #MagicPowder. M
    ➋ #Eyeshadows: used @ultabeauty #Eyeshadow in Naked as an all-over base, then blended out @bobbibrown Rock Shimmerwash from lid to crease
    ➌ #Eyeliner: @etudehousesingapore #Play101 #pencil in 50, which is a deep neutral brown (review coming soon!)
    ➍ #Blush: @maccosmetics Blushbaby
    ➎ #Highlighter: my trying-to-use-it-more-because-I-hit-pan @smashboxcosmetics Softlights Quad in Aglow for both all over #highlight and spot work

    Realized I forgot to include my lipstick! But today’s one was a @benefitcosmeticssg one that’s a neutral rose! :) #clozette

  10. I actually hit #pan for the first time ever on a #blush! This is none other than @stilacosmetics old classic #blusher in the shade Bud, a really nice neutral and pretty light #pink. OMG! :) #clozette