1. #throwbackthursday is here again! And as is my usual #makeuphoarder style, let me show you some of my #makeup I’ve been hoarding! Today’s #tbt is my collection of @bobbibrown #PotRouge, which are one of my favourite cream blushes of all time - I daresay even in my top 3, because they have such gorgeous colours! I have 4 shades: Blushed Rose (a bestselling colour and permanent thankfully!), Summer Pink (my favourite but it was LE), Powder Pink (also perm) and Flushed Pink (also LE). The texture of these #creamblushes is a bit harder and more solid (like #lipstick, which you can use it as), and it doesn’t have the silicone-y feel that so many other #creamblush formulas have today. The packaging of the #blush has changed - now these are in little square flip top pans instead of the much larger tub of product seen here, so this post is in true #throwback fashion! I don’t mind when companies change packaging, but it does make me a bit sad when the packaging change means we end up getting less product (ahem MAC pigments, I’m looking at you!), but such is life, I guess! #clozette #makeup #beauty

  2. Today’s #makeupmess from my #motd! This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to using 5 or less #makeup #products, lol - well it’s 6 so it’s not too bad, right? My favourite #ponds and @makeupforeversg #powder is the base as always, #blush is the #mufesg #creamblush in 210 Cool Pink, eyes are @benefitcosmeticssg Tattletale Creaseless #CreamEyeshadow (which I’m really liking as an #eyeshadow base but also on its own) and #mufe #eyeliner in (I think) 21L? Lips are a long discontinued @covergirl #lipstick I really loved, the TruShine in Blushberry Shine (this is one of my 4 backups!). #beauty #clozette

  3. Tagged by @paradeoflove to show my #tbt #makeup and #beauty products for #throwbackthursday! I’ve been a beauty blogger for nearly 5 years, and a beauty junkie for even longer, so I’ve many things that could qualify for a #throwback post, but I decide to just focus on two main areas: discontinued items, and items that are still around but have undergone a change in packaging! Here goes!

    ① #Rockandrepublic #blushes - shown are Spank and Seduce
    ② @freshbeauty A Kiss is Just a Kiss #palette
    ③ @maccosmetics 6 Gem Eyes #eyeshadow palette, as well as some LE #eyeshadows and #blushes: Flirty Number, Femme Fi, Superdupernatural, Flirt and Tease
    ④ @dior Dior #Blush in 839 Vintage Pink
    ⑤ #chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petal and Orchid
    ⑥ @bobbibrown #potrouge in Summer Pink and Flushed Pink
    ⑦ @sleekmakeup Fenberry #powderblush
    ⑧ @makeupforeversg LE eyehadow #palettes: I have 4, shown here are the Midnight Glow and Arty Blossom palettes
    ⑨ @smashboxcosmetics eyeshadow trio in Front Row, and Softlights #highlighters in Aglow, Dolce Vita and Matrix
    ⑩ @stilacosmetics Seasonal eyeshadow trio and Perfectly Sage Palette from Fall 2005
    ⑪ @cargocosmetics #blush in Lyon and Polynesia
    ⑫ @milanicosmetics eyeshadows in Java Bean and Snow Frost
    ⑬ @jemkidd Strike A Pose Palette - sadly this line folded in 2012

    ① #stila eyeshadow pans - shown here are a few current shades (Chinois, Cloud, Espresso, Rain, Starlight, Slate, etc.).
    ② @wetnwildbeauty blushes and eyeshadows - the blushes are still available in current shades (Mellow Wine, Heather Pink, Berry Shimmer), not sure about the eyeshadows (Cream)
    ③ @makeupforeverofficial HD #Powder - this is the old packaging.
    ④ #bobbibrown powder blush and pot rouge - current shades are Apricot, Powder Pink, and Blushed Rose. Screw tops were changed into fliptop pans.
    ⑤ @urbandecaycosmetics eyeshadows - YDK, Chains, and Twice Baked. The packaging has been tweaked.
    ⑥ #smashboxcosmetics eyeshadows - Shutterspeed, the screw tops are now flip tops.
    ⑦ @benefitcosmeticssg cream and powder eyeshadows - the shades have different names, but you can find similar ones in the current line. #clozette

  4. Today’s #motd:
    ➊ My usual base of @makeupforeversg #HD #Powder (best #loosepowder ever for oil control) mixed with #Ponds #MagicPowder. M
    ➋ #Eyeshadows: used @ultabeauty #Eyeshadow in Naked as an all-over base, then blended out @bobbibrown Rock Shimmerwash from lid to crease
    ➌ #Eyeliner: @etudehousesingapore #Play101 #pencil in 50, which is a deep neutral brown (review coming soon!)
    ➍ #Blush: @maccosmetics Blushbaby
    ➎ #Highlighter: my trying-to-use-it-more-because-I-hit-pan @smashboxcosmetics Softlights Quad in Aglow for both all over #highlight and spot work

    Realized I forgot to include my lipstick! But today’s one was a @benefitcosmeticssg one that’s a neutral rose! :) #clozette

  5. I actually hit #pan for the first time ever on a #blush! This is none other than @stilacosmetics old classic #blusher in the shade Bud, a really nice neutral and pretty light #pink. OMG! :) #clozette

  6. Tagged by @paradeoflove to show you one soft spot in my #makeup #stash! I’m sure some of you already know this, but it’s none other than #blush! These are almost all of my #blushers except for a couple of stragglers that COULDN’T FIT (no, seriously), so it took me awhile to get this photo! So, meet my blush family:
    ① @etudehousesingapore: I have their Minnie #blusher and it is so pretty!
    ② @wetnwildbeauty - love their #powderblushes!
    ③ #RockandRepublic: now DC, RIP R&R. I have another one that couldn’t fit into the picture.
    ④ @stilacosmetics classic #blushes, I wish they still made these!
    ⑤ @sleekmakeup #powderblush: I have 5 of these!
    ⑥ @dior: Another DC’ed one!
    ⑦ @beccacosmetics: I only have their #creamblushes, want to try their powder ones!
    ⑧ #FlirtCosmetics Urge #blusher: supposedly a dupe for NARS Sin!
    ⑨ @lancomesg Blush Subtil
    ⑩ #Chanel Joues Contrast: I have only 2 because they’re $$$, but these have lovely formulas!
    ⑪ @benefitcosmeticssg: I have 4 of these, and each is pretty in its own way!
    ⑫ @maccosmetics: I have 3 of these including one MSF blush
    ⑬ @illamasqua: Super pigmented, needs a skunk brush to apply! I have 2 of these.
    ⑭ @bobbibrown: I have 4 Pot Rouge #creamblush and 1 powder blush.
    ⑮ @cargocosmetics: I have 4 #powderblushers, 2 of which are DC’ed shades.
    ⑯ @lauramerciersg: I have 2 powder blushes, these are great quality..
    ⑰ @NYXcosmetics: cheap and good! Yay!
    ⑱ @bourjoisparis: I have 3 of their iconic their little round blush
    ⑲ @quocosmetics: this is a Canadian (I think?) brand, that I got in a swap.
    And that’s it! Whew! #clozette

  7. On Wednesdays we wear #pink! So here are some of the pink #blushes I have in my #stash of #makeup and #beauty #products. As a #makeuphoarder, some of these are discontinued (horrors), but all of them are lovely! In this #photo:

    ① #Chanel Joues Contraste in 54 Rose Dust
    ② @bobbibrown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Summer Pink (DC’ed)
    ③ @dior DiorBlush in Vintage Pink (DC’ed)
    ④ @lauramerciersg Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 02
    ⑤ @stilacosmetics Cheek Color in Bud (DC’ed)
    ⑥ @makeupforeversg Second Skin #CreamBlush in 220
    ⑦ @beccacosmetics Cream #Blush in Amaryllis
    ⑧ @illamasqua #PowderBlusher in Beg
    ⑨ @wetnwildbeauty Blush in Heather Silk
    ⑩ @smashboxcosmetics Soft Lights in Dolce Vita (LE some years back)
    ⑪ #RockandRepublic #PowderBlush in Spank (RIP R&R makeup)
    ⑫ @sleekmakeup Pixie Pink Blush
    ⑬ @CargoCosmetics Blush in Tonga
    ⑭ #Bobbibrown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink
    ⑮ #Cargocosmetics Blush in Mendocino
    ⑯ #Stila Blush in Hint (DC’ed)
    ⑰ @lauramercier Tender Mauve Second Skin #CheekColor

  8. My favourite #colour tag by @paradeoflove! Like her, #purple is my favourite colour. Turns out I have more purple #beauty #products than I thought! A quick rundown by categories (no lip products because I forgot to include them, gah!):

    Eye #makeup:
    ➊ @benefitcosmeticssg Eyeshadow in Raincheck?, Pause for Applause, Gimme Some Plum, Gossip, and the World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever
    ➋ @maccosmetics 6 Gem Eyes Palette (includes Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked and Parfait Armour), and Flirty Number
    ➌ @ultabeauty Elegance
    ➍ @narsissist Tokyo
    ➎ @bobbibrown After Hours
    ➏ @makeupforeversg #eyeliner in 11L
    ➐ @urbandecaycosmetics Rockstar eyeliner
    ➑ @stilacosmetics Cool #Eyeshadow trio, Rain and Grace
    ➒ @Lorealparissg HIP Duo in Electrified
    ➓ @Mememecosmetics Eyeshadow in Cafe

    ➊ @illamasqua Kiss
    ➋ @beccacosmetics Wild Orchid Creme Blush and Gypsy Loose Shimmer Powder
    ➌ @etudehousesg Minnie Touch #Blusher
    ➍ @benefitcosmetics Hervana
    ➎ @Smashboxcosmetics Softlights #highlighters in Tokidoki and Aglow
    ➏ #flirtcosmetics Urge

    ➊ @Chinaglazeofficial LOL
    ➋ #Illamasqua Baptiste, Jo’mina, and Poke
    ➌ @cirquecolors Vaudeville
    ➍ @Sallyhansensg Purple Pizzazz and Mystic Lilac
    ➎ @modelsownofficial Boogie Nights
    ➏ @bynubar Treasure and Prevail
    ➐ @zoyanailpolish Adina and Yasmeen
    ➑ @pscosmetics Atomic Brain
    ➒ @essiepolish Nice is Nice
    ➓ #Nfuoh polish no. 68 

    And that’s it for #myfavouritecolour! Whew! #clozette

  9. The joys of @chanelofficial! They’re $$$$$ but I do like #chanel’s #eyeshadows and especially the #blushes. In this #photo are the Les 4 Ombres #Eyeshadow #Quad in Prelude and #JouesContraste #Blush in Rose Dust (the closed #compact is the Orchid Rose Joues Contraste #Blusher). #clozette

  10. Today’s #tbt doesn’t feature #throwback #makeup from my own stash, but from ex-blogger Jojoba. Jojoba ran a beauty blog, and her blog started a couple of years before mine. I felt an affinity for her blog because she was also Asian and from the region and she also wrote long detailed posts with lots of swatches. Also we hung out on makeupalley forums back then (before reddit and Instagram). Though I didn’t know her personally, I visited her blog quite regularly. One day I typed her blog address a d got an error page. She had shut down her blog and I didn’t even know until I tried to visit. This was all a couple of years back, her blog address was taken over by others and now just contains spam. It makes me sad that none of her original posts remain. This is an image from one of her pairs, where she notes that the @bourjoisparis #bakedblush in Brun Cuivre is a #dupe for @chanelofficial’s #JouesContraste #blush in Orchid Rose (only the shimmer level differs), which I loved. I guess the blogosphere is a pretty transient place as blogs come and go, and I hope she’s doing well in her non-blog-life! #ihaveadupeforthat #clozette