1. With the lovely @paperkitties and @nadnut at @collectioncosmeticsg party bus event! I’m wearing their new Urbanista Lip Crayon, which is just launched and priced very reasonably at $14.90!

  2. My @kiehlssg Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing #Serum #Concentrate review is up on the blog in case you missed it! If you’re a skincare geek you’ll be happy to know that in addition to the usual #skincare ingredients analysis I do, there’s quite a lot of science to dig into this time round - I actually look at the patents filed by L’Oreal to get a better understanding of what’s so special about this product!

  3. Hope your week will be a #golden one! Taking some time to appreciate the #gold goodness from @elizabetharden, including their new #untoldabsolu #fragrance, which is a deeper, sensual addition to the #untold #perfume range in time for Fall! I know gold can sometimes look gaudy, but @ardencanada does it right, and there is nothing gaudy about this gorgeous packaging! Also in the #photo are my #elizabetharden #eyeshadows, #lipsticks, #highlighter/#concealer pen, and #skincare - the #ceramide boosting 5 minute facial set!

  4. My favourite #LINE characters, #Brownbear and #Conyrabbit hanging out with my matching-coloured #brown and #white #makeup! With @guerlainsg @etudehousesingapore @narsissist @benefitcosmeticssg @maybellinesg @bobbibrown @elizabetharden @makeupforeversg @cargocosmetics @smashboxcosmetics @lauramerciersg @thebalm_cosmetics #chanel and #nivea!

  5. This just came in yesterday - the new #fragrance from @elizabetharden, #UntoldAbsolu. This is the second #Untold flanker, and this #perfume is @ardencanada’s #scent offering in time for the Fall/Winter season! This new fragrance is deeper and more sensual, as is reflected in the gold bottle and box, which looks super luxe. I haven’t given it a sniff yet, but the notes include blackberry, Italian bergamot, ginger, jasmine, vanilla bourbon absolute, cashmere woods, and tonka absolute. Will be testing this and will report back!

  6. My review of the @benefitcosmeticssg #majorette cream to powder #blush is now up on my blog! There’s #swatches and an fotd, and a bit of ingredients analysis to answer the burning question: what makes the texture of this #creamblush so nice? Now you know!

  7. Last photo for the night! Spent tonight sniffing all the @jomalonelondon #perfumes with much gusto at the @jomalonelondon_sg x @stylexstyle event at @tangssg! I think I sniffed maybe like almost 20 scents, and I couldn’t sniff all the scents in the range! I think my nose (and corresponding brain functions) got a real workout this evening!

  8. #selfie with the super-gorgeous ladies @negitateno13 and @silverkis at the @jomalonelondon_sg x @stylexstyle event at @tangssg! I’m smelling my brains out at this one!

  9. Totally making it my mission to sniff all the @jomalonelondon_sg #fragrances at the @jomalonelondon x @stylexstyle event at @tangssg! They do have such gorgeous, lifelike and complex scents, and such a wide range too!

  10. So I have my eyes closed but @jodulu is supermodel-gorgeous! Love her! #sskabloom @samplestore #samplestore