1. The #bioderma #micellar #cleansers are one of the more popular #cleansingwaters around (and my personal favourite, the result of a blind test of 7 of them on my blog!), so I take an in-depth look into their ingredients, and we see what makes them clean so nicely, while still not aggravating the skin! And also, what’s the difference between the various #biodermasg #micellarcleansers - is it just marketing, or is there really a difference? Now you know! #clozette #beauty #skincare

  2. Was tagged by @paradeoflove to show my first high-end #makeup purchases, which is a perfect #tbt post! I honestly can’t remember what my first high-end #beauty buy was (because it was over 6 years ago!) but two things I bought very early on in my #beautyjunkie life were @stilacosmetics #eyeshadows and @maccosmetics products in general (the #lipsticks were the first thing I ever bought)! For #stila, the shades shown here were some of my first eyeshadow buys: Moonlight, Grace (gorgeous silvery shimmery #taupe!!!), Rain (gorgeous taupe number 2!!!), and Chinois, Wheat, and Espresso. The #maccosmetics #lipstick shades shown are Sweetie, my first ever #mac lipstick, and Modesty (I think, one of the Cremesheen lipsticks). #clozette

  3. My #hand posing with my colleague’s motorcycle glove(?) - not sure what’s it called? - because I thought it would look pretty cool with my #manicure, which happens to be @sallyhansensg Opulent Cloud, an oldie but goodie! It’s a little too big for me, but I think it looks kinda cool! #beauty #clozette

  4. My #review of the @kiehlssg Men’s #Skincare #OilEliminator range is up, including the #cleanser, #toner, and #moisturizer! This is a good, easy to use #mensskincare range for thick, oily skin (which most guys have), and blends into skin well and feels like you have nothing on (which is very important to the average male user). It does help to mattify skin and has #oilcontrol properties. Review also includes cool info you probably won’t find elsewhere like: what is this Aerolite technology anyway? How does it appear in the product? Which ingredient is it? And what does it do? Also my usual ingredients geekery because #skincaregeek. #clozette #beauty

  5. My @luxolasg mini-#haul from last week; @cirquecolors Fascination Street #nailpolish, which is a violet holographic shade, and @3concepteyes #nailfile. Because I bought it from the sale, the entire haul was just over $10! Score! #beauty #clozette

  6. Was tagged by @fishscalekisses to explain my #storybehindtheusername, and since I do get questions on it, here you go!

    I started my blog in 2009 (yes 5 years ago!!), and at that time there was no Instagram, no Pinterest, no reddit, just facebook and twitter. (Yes so ancient!) At that time I was on a bunch of makeup forums, Makeupalley being the main one and I had been there for a few years at that point, but I was also on Spectra and Makeuptalk. My username on all those forums at the time was musicalhouses, and it was the most random name ever - I was a big fan of @vanessacarltonofficial (still am, by the way) and her song White Houses (did I say I was ancient?), and I basically changed the first word from “white” to “musical”, because I had a musical background (I’ve been in various school choirs and a cappella groups and played piano for nearly 10 years).

    When I started my blog, I thought only a few of my makeupalley friends would read it, so I started off with the name musicalhouses so that it was easier for them to remember. I was studying in the UK then, and my very first posts were swatches of @sleekmakeup palettes, which I had swatched for my makeupalley friends in the US and just put online. I never thought my blog would get more than like 50 readers, and I remember being super surprised and happy when the amount of traffic I got indicated other people were reading my blog too. I also remember hitting my first 100 subscribers on GFC, and feeling like “OMG people are reading my blog?!” So I guess the way my blog started is a bit more old-fashioned in that I didn’t start my blog to be famous or be an online celebrity or get free stuff, but it was just because I was having fun discussing makeup on those forums.

    Anyway it’s been a long, fun journey since then, and I’m always thankful for every single reader and follower! My blog has seen me through a few life milestones (starting work, changing roles, moving from UK back to Singapore) and it’s not always easy to keep up blogging, work, and family life, so I’m always thankful for everyone who still reads even though I’m not a prolific poster/IGer/Tweeter. You guys are the best! #clozette

  7. A little #dessert a few weeks ago at @selfishgenecafe: #Homemade #yoghurt with #summer #berry #compote and #granola. Came in this cute little #jar and was #yummy to boot!

  8. Yes the #giveaway on my blog is indeed all about you! 4 of my #singapore readers can each win a @stylexstyle The Little Black #BeautyBox for themselves, with #beauty samples from a range of high-end brands! The giveaway doesn’t last long, so don’t forget to enter on my blog (link in profile) now! #clozette

  9. #Giveaway alert for my #sg readers! 4 of you will each win a @stylexstyle The Little Black #BeautyBox! To enter visit my blog! (Link in profile). This is a quickie giveaway so it’s only open for a week - so hurry! You can win a box with high-end #beauty samples, including #skincare #samples from @benefitcosmeticssg @radicalskincare @kiehlssg @shiseidosg @iomaparisfrance @sulwhasoo_us and #perfume samples from @ralphlauren and @tangssg #vouchers! #clozette

  10. With @hittingthepan @junedujour @diagonalll @powaagarage @missrustydotnet @jodulu @beautifulbuns_sg @ena_teo @silverkis at the #omysba2014 #bloggers event! They are all super fun to be with and so sporting! #clozette